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New exposition at the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute/ JonOne - King of Harlem feat. Maï Lucas

First monographic exhibition devoted to JonOne in an art centre


Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute is pleased to welcome JonOne to his first large monographic exhibition in an art center and in Bordeaux.

Resulting from a meeting between JonOne and Bernard Magrez this exposition is a carte blanche as it leaves it up to the imagination and talent of JonOne to refine and decorate the exposition space of Château Labottière, a designated historical moment.

There is an explosion of colours and creativity, which brings a subtle modernity into this magnificent

On assiste ici à une explosion de couleurs et de créativité, apportant une modernité subtile dans ce magnifique place in the heart of Bordeaux.  

« Colours, colours and more colours. The month of May represents the end of winter and the explosion of summer. My work is a bouquet of flowers in this magnificent château.”

 From New York to Paris, from streets to canvas.

Decorated with the Legion of Honour in January 2015, JonOne, whose name is John Andrew Perello, was a graffiti artist in New York in 70s. “King of Harlem” left his blaze on the walls and subway stations of this ghettoized neighborhood. In the 80s, he is invited to Paris by Bando where he settles and develops an intense technique on canvas.

His transition from streets to canvas was a fast one. Hypecreative, of the Dominican origin, the artist paints as he thinks – in a very intense and dense manner. His recent creations are the explosion of color and the letters of his blaze repeat to create a pattern.

« At the moment I am in full motion and I wish to express myself through the explosion of energy, which will be visible in my paintings. With my touches of color I would like to invade the chateau Labottière, which stands for the splendor of classic architecture of the 18th century.”

35 original paintings

In JonOne’s work on canvas there is force that comes from the history of painting, manifested through the studies of light, material, colors and the surface.

Influence of abstract expressionism is undeniable, just as the movement itself was inspired by urban environment that is also reflected in his paintings’ movement and vitality.

JonOne chose to create 35 original paintings for the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute with the ambition to nourish the dialogue between the architect of the neoclassical Château Labottière and the extreme modernity of his own expression.

“It’s time to mix modernity and tradition the way I managed to at the National Assembly with Marianne who represents Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. Assembly is a place with deep history and being able to revisit the creation of Delacroix is, in my opinion, very important. A chateau shouldn’t remain in the past, but should have a place in the modernity.”

1967 Jaguar 420

 Change in temporality occurs even before the entrance to the Chateau. Seduced by JonOne’s reinterpretation of Eric Cantona’s Rolls Royce, Bernard Magrez chose to live that experience with the Jaguar from his collection. Located at the entrance to the exhibition “King of Harlem”, the 1967 Jaguar will be entirely repainted by hand and touch of the artist.

 With exceptional participation of the photographer Maï Lucas

In order to accompany and illustrate the universe where the work of JonOne appeared and developed, his creations will be associated with the photography of Maï Lucas. Submerged in the cultural diversity of the New York ghettos, the photographer carries over the brilliant creativity and styles emanating from those neighborhoods. She examines these communities through a series of portraits of characters who belong to this street culture.

JonOne, Boxed In, 2013, acrylic on canvas
142,5 x 148 cm, Cultural Institute Collection
Bernard Magrez. © ADAGP, Paris 2015.


General Information :

Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute
Château Labottière,  16 rue de Tivoli, 33000 Bordeaux

Open from Thursday to Sunday, 2 pm – 7 pm
Price: 8 € / Reduced : 6 € / Free : children under 12 years old or first Sunday of each month.
Visitor tours Thursday – Sunday at 4 pm and on appointment for groups.

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