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La Grande Maison of Bernard Magrez and its multiple-Michelin-starred chef Joël Robuchon

“La Grande Maison of Bernard Magrez”:  This remarkable establishment, residence of all arts, is nestled in the heart of Bordeaux, in a mansion dating back to the beginning of last century, across from the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute.

A beautiful white stone building of classical architecture of the end of 19th century, it represents Bordeaux’s rich heritage and splendid patrimony.  A large wrought iron gate opens into the luxurious garden where Pliny the Elder, a 2000-year old olive tree – symbol of wisdom, stands guard. Art makes an early appearance with the round sculpture “The Skull of the Earth” by a Chinese artist Shen Yuan - first link between the Cultural Institute and La Grande Maison of Bernard Magrez…

Going up the stairs, the elegant façade is crowned by a molding of two interlaced initials. They belong to an eminent Bordeaux lawyer, a rebel spirit and dean of the Faculty of Law who, together with his wife, built this mansion. Issued from a family of wine traders, Léon Duguit throughout his entire life continued to host a salon for intellectual welcoming his colleagues in law and distinguished personalities from around the world. His library contained thousands of original works – from floor to ceiling, just as his cellar contained the greatest growths of Bordeaux. Some of the exceptional works have been restored and carefully placed in the library, which currently carries his name and has become one of the two dining halls of the Joël Robuchon restaurant. The tradition persists and the history continues at La Grande Maison.

La Grande Maison offers six luxurious and elegant rooms and two dining options: a gourmet restaurant and “Olivier” with a relaxed atmosphere.

With its Napoleon III style, intimate welcome, the cuisine, the great growths of Bordeaux and muffled atmosphere « La Grande Maison Bernard Magrez »will make you relive the history of this city starting from the beginning of last century. The Bordelais receiving guests in their sumptuous mansions has become a living memory and the soul of the city. At « La Grande Maison Bernard Magrez », the word ART lives in the present, surrounded by the omnipresent witnesses of the past that stand for tradition and authenticity. It lives in the future that continues to be written. And it especially exists in the daily life through our concern for perfection in every detail.

This establishment is – a great house. Here the experience of our clients is at the centre of our attention - we strive to offer wonder and delight in every moment. Here authenticity replaves flashy luxury. Here elegance is united with refinement. Here the service is triple A: Attention, Aithenticity, Airy. Here ideal cuisine and service are offered by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France and bottles of wine are offered by the composer of rare wines.

The wine menu lists all of the Grands Crus of Bordeaux and other great wines - around 259 references.

The French art of hospitality revolves around pure harmony and rare intimacy: the entire life is spent producing, faithfully and repeatedly, some of the best wines in the world and reaching for the ultimate goal – to awake the senses and to evoke emotions with an exceptionally fine meal offering a variety of textures, tastes and aromas.

Along with painters, sculptors and musicians, the crafstmen of the mansion, Joël Robuchon et Bernard Magrez, today are the artists at the top of their art. Their ultimate quest is to offer moments of pure emotion and permanent wonder.

As a preamble, the French art of living is a great part of the French soul that the entire world admires. It is synonymous with elegance, refinement, gastronomy, great wines and culture. All of these elements reside within the walls of « La Grande Maison », orchestrated by the know-how and the talent of our professionals in hospitality, catering, oenology, design and architecture.

The art of hospitality of the owner - knowing and recognizing his guests, recognizing their needs with his highly-trained and professional eye, and exceeding their expectations.

The art of individually tailored service – attentive welcome, permanent smiles and throughtfullness.

The art of the sommelier – sharing his knowledge, conducting a tasting, decanting a rare vntage, and introducing to the first great wine, which will suddenly, through this memorable surprise, mark the beginning of a life-long passion. 

The art of the chef – creating a master-piece out of every plate – an explosion of tastes and textures, and creating a succession of rare sensations out of a menu.

The art of the housekeeper – ironing out the smallest details, barely remarquable but remarquable in thoughtfulness, and turning a comfortable room into a cocoon on infinite gentleness.

The art of the details magnifying the experience at the entrance - from our house perfume with the discreet notes of roses and peonies Or Rose to the monumental serial-numbered cooler Christofle that houses bottles and magnums.

The art of feeling well – in the bathroom of Carrare marble and faience, with the flacons of “Terre d’Hermès” for Monsieur and « Jour d’Hermès» for madame at your disposal.

The art of choice – of the best artisans in design and décor – trimmings, embroidered curtains and the duo of comforters Napoléon III.


At « La Grande Maison Bernard Magrez », the Art is exposed everywhere but it is discovered only by the true aesthetes – those who come searching for the perfect match, the unique experience and the rare emotion.

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